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How to be a mom and look good


How to be a mom and look good

Today I wanted to speculate on the topic of beautiful mothers. I’m talking about fit-ups who go straight out of the hospital with flat bellies! They take pictures of their happy faces with makeup and elastic press a couple of hours after giving birth. And, you know, they infuriate me!

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Because it does not happen. Personally, I wanted to die after tinidazole and cipro combination med in india my birth, and I removed the photographs from the extract far, far into the closet, because I look like a swollen hamster after three days of drinking. And the belly after childbirth is such a living substance that shakes armistane considered a pct when walking, if you forgot to wear a bandage. True, after 3 weeks everything goes away, and you become like a person.

look good

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Of course, I understand that now the cult of #zhajmatery and generally the promotion of happy and carefree motherhood. But after all, many girls, looking hormone used to induce labor at the flat and fit instam, begin to download the press right in the hospital! So I want to crack them on the head with all my heart and explain about the restoration of the body after childbirth.

And in the age of the Internet, we observe hourly happy and beautiful women who have 6, 7 or more children. Here is straight 6 – one in the stomach, the second in the stroller, the third on the back and a few more side by side. And all are so beautiful, happy, carefree. I remember that I, too, was once once subscribed to one such lady who promotes happy motherhood. She wrote that she gets up at 5 in the morning to devote time to herself before 7, go in for sports, etc. And, you Barnbarnet till ” El Chato ” i en dokumentär om ” Spanien ” Tidningen i Tanger know, I am still tormented by the question of her mental state. Because if you have at least one child under 1, 5 years old, then you absolutely certainly get definition of a hormone up to him at least once at night. And sometimes your child, in principle, can wake up at 4 in the vitamin d a hormone morning and decide to yell for a couple of hours, because his teeth are being cut, and no miracle gels and “gnawers” ​​help him. Or, in principle, the child decides not to sleep anymore … there are plenty of options. And after all this, do you really want to get up at 5 in the morning to go in for sports? Seriously? Personally, I prefer to pretend to be dead and sleep an extra 2 minutes while my eyes are poked out!

In general, I unsubscribed from this wonderful woman when my child was about 6 months old, because I reconciled with my non-instagram imperfection and with the terrible daily routine of my child, which also did not fit into the Internet.

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Sport for instam is a separate issue. They jump every five minutes, play and lunges, right on the playground. If I start lunging at the playground and let my son out of sight, he will surely smash a neighbor’s Mercedes with a stone, run away into the forest, bathe in a puddle or eat a worm. And this is just what I expect. And children’s imagination, you know, is endless! The burning and numbness when taking anavar topic of activities on the street while walking with a child is generally a separate song. So let’s be honest, this scheme is applicable, if only your child is able to calmly delve into the sandbox for 1, 5 hours. My son is incapable of this. And that’s why:

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from about 5 months he doesn’t recognize strollers, sledges and any other “carriages”

happy carefree

when he was 7 months old – he crawled along the sand, found stones and put them in his Cours de musculation mouth

when he was 8 months old – he tried hard to walk, so my back still hurts, remembering that twisted position

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about a year from now one a day 50 reviews he was storming all sorts of “climbing slides” on the playground

and from one and a half we started to learn wheelchairs, ran, and now already a bicycle

And let’s take into account that even if you are walking with a stroller, at least you still have to run to the store and buy food. And now you are no longer a sports fiton mom, but rather a well-formed horse that pulls a baby home, a stroller and a couple of grocery bags. Well, if the desire for beauty is huge, then you can what is a legal steroid go home lunges.

I have friends who remember the first months with a child as a nightmare. In one, the daughter simply cried for 4 months from colic, in the second – 1, 5, in the third – 3. And you know, at that time not one of them thought about sports! It even seems to me that they dreamed that they would be deprived of parental rights for a couple of days in order to get enough sleep!

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Now that my son is almost 4, I can safely go to the gym or train at home while he watches cartoons (and let the people who invented the Fixiks and Barboskins be equated with saints). These 2 hours in the gym are my personal time, I rest there from household chores, from work, in general, from everything! But still, more than 2 times a week does not work how to lose man breast.

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Well, as a result.

Dear girls, remember that the perfect instagram world is not so perfect. No need to immediately run after Muscoli e altro! Il blog nutrizionale che spicca di più in rete! childbirth to the gym and download the press. Limit yourself to walking with a stroller for 2 hours a day at a quick pace. It will everything to know about steroids be a great replacement for lightweight cardio. Remember that the body has changed for 9 months and about the same amount it needs to recover. Set the law for yourself – only proper nutrition and at least 2 liters of water per day (more fluid is also beneficial for lactation). And remember that phyto-mothers, who boast of smart figures on the Internet, have, if not a nanny, then a grandmother who is always nearby. Well, or it’s a glitch in the matrix!